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How westchester subaru increased paid search leads 60% in just 90 days using google's micro-moment strategy
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Case Studies
"Before engaging with SERP Star, we were frustrated because business wasn't great. I couldn't get some of the information I was looking for."  

"I think obviouslly the business improved in terms of sales, right. So that's a fairly quantifiable thing. Certainly our traffic is up. I think we're coming out with pretty good results. And on top of that business results have been excellent."

 - Sean Coughlin, President and COO of The Premier Collection
  • 96.1% Increase In Leads
  • 24.4% Increase In Time Spent On Site
  • 64.2% Increase In Quality Visits
  • ​Without Spending More $
  • 62.7% Increase In Leads
  • 21% Increase In Time Spent On Site
  • 22.6% Increase In Quality Visits
  • ​Without Spending More $
  • 67.8% Increase In Leads
  • 31.5% Increase In Time Spent On Site
  • 17.5% Increase In Quality Visits
  • ​Without Spending More $
Just a Sampling of What You Get:
Grow your business while spending less money on marketing: watch this example
Supercharge your leads from paid search using our Google Ads algorithms
Implement a perfectly optimized Google Ads strategy with our highly specialized Search Strategists
Dial in your search budget (you're probably spending to much) with the help of our IS-Goal tool
Double your click-through-rate using ad copy written by professional copywriters
Nab those customer that didn't convert on their first visit using our hyper-remarketing strategy
Questions and Concerns
Is your solution Co-op eligible?
Yes, we haven’t had any manufacturers reject this tool when submitted for co-op reimbursement. It typically falls under SEM Management guidelines.
Who are you guys anyway?
We are a group of ex-dealership consultants and employees who have worked for many different car dealerships and manufacturers. We are dedicated to helping dealerships be successful. 
What exactly are you promising? What evidence do you have to back up these promises and claims? 
Our search engine marketing solution drives more quality visitors and leads to your website than any other. We have many case studies available on our website and can even hop into live analytics when you book a call with one of our team members.
How do I present this to my team? 
Send your GM, Dealer Principal, whomever, a link to our website and then sit down to schedule a call with one of our team members with all of your dealerships decision makers in the room. A 15 minute call with us will change the way you look at search marketing forever.
What type of support do you offer?
In addition to our strategy calls, our dedicated Search Strategists and Analysts are available to you anytime you need them. Each one has a small dealer count so that they can provide laser focus on your account and extraordinary dealer support.
Where did you get the idea for this solution?
I've been preaching this solution for years and finally got fed up with this strategy falling on def ears so I put it into practice and guess what? Our dealers saw tremendous results right away. Nobody is implementing this strategy for dealers but us.
What exactly do I get when I sign up?
You'll get all this and more:
  • World-Class Google Ads management by seasoned automotive and search engine professionals
  • Strategy calls twice a month or weekly (whatever works best for your dealership) with your dedicated Search Strategist
  • Personalized ad copy written by professional copywriters crafted to double your click-through-rates
  • Retargeting & Pixel Embed Capabilities so you can keep advertising to prospects even if they don't convert right away!
  • TrueView video campaign management so you can show the world how amazing your dealership is on YouTube ($299 per month value- FREE)
  • ​The "Marketing Mastery for Dealers" training, that teaches you everything from how to capture all of the demand out there online for your inventory, call-to-actions that convert, and how to generate demand for your dealership through social and display advertising ($588 value - FREE)
Will this really work for my dealership?
Yes, this strategy, our algorithm, is proven to drive more high quality traffic to your website that converts into super high quality leads. Leads that buy cars. It might sound a little foreign right now, but it works.
What are the next steps?
Book a 15-minute discovery call with one of our team members to talk about whether it can work for you.
Are there any long term contracts?
No, everything is month-to-month. You can however pay 6-month or yearly to get a discount.
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